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March 29, 2017

If you have spent any time in Pinehurst NC, you are probably all-too-familiar with the weather. Summers are sticky and hot, making my job as a photographer more difficult for at least half of the year. But what proves even more difficult at times is explaining to clients why I prefer an in home photography session even when the weather is fair. The experience is incredibly special, and after I explain to you why I feel so strongly about this you will see where I am coming from.

In Home Intimacy

There is nothing more comfortable than being in our own homes. This is where we dream of being while away at work all day. Where we rest our heads after a long, trying week. Perhaps most importantly: home is where we see our young children quickly mature into young adults. It is an intimate and familiar space that will offer infinite possibilities for backdrops and props.

I often see the kids bursting at the seams with pride and joy as they get to “show off” their favourite toys; they get to show their lego collection or their Barbie’s wardrobe! I like to suggest little things like potted plants to add a little more to the environment, and of course having the house neat and tidy helps the overall flow of things. As we move from room to room, we find new and interesting ways to incorporate your place of total love and comfort. Your forgiving sanctuary. There is little else so special.


Capturing the Forgettable Moments

As a mother myself, it’s hard not to beat myself up for missing so many things of my first child growing up. There are moments you might not have ever dreamed would be what you wanted as a keepsake, and these turn out to be the moments most missed.

When going to an established venue, you have posed opportunities: trying to get your infant to sit up and look at the lens as you force a smile, hoping all the elements will click together at once. In an in home photography session, you get the moments that can’t be scripted: you get baby falling asleep on mom’s chest as she’s lying on the couch. Or the look of shock as the dog gets past dad, running unexpectedly into the room as the kids squeal with delight. Perfect life moments that you really can’t get while out taking pictures in the park. I can not stress to you enough how these organic moments make the most beautiful photographs. You will be so thankful you had your own in home photography session, I promise.


Technically Easy

Along with all the benefits, you may have some skepticism; I will allay those fears. No, I don’t have to lug in a bunch of lighting equipment… so those hardwood floors are safe! All you need is a window and we are good to go. Natural lighting often makes the best lighting. If we can get sunlight cascading through even just one window, the room will be gently lit and we will be totally set. 

At home you never have to worry about uninvited strangers making things awkward by walking into your shots. There is no worry about booking a time and place and best of all… your house is free! Now, if the Columbia weather is behaving, we can go to the backyard to get a couple of outdoors images in you’re wanting them– all the while still comfortable and controlled.


What I try to stress the most about the in home photography session is that you do have so much control– you get more choices of background and props and what kind of theme you want… and all can be changed in an instant. Along with that control, ironically, comes the most out-of-control spontaneity, which you’ll appreciate being caught on camera.


Precious Moments

Beautiful things happen in our lives everyday, little things catch our eye, and we tell ourselves…” I want to remember that forever.” Have you ever felt that way?  Knowing how you feel when you as a parent, lovingly look at your child is one thing, seeing it captured in an image is the stuff of goosebumps. Seeing your youngest look up to their older sibling with awe and admiration. Holding your daughter or son in hug, knowing they’ll be too big to be picked before we know it. 

These moments, they move me. They inspire me to capture them for each family. I believe that creating an environment to capture meaningful images is so important. We have emotional memories and visual memories. Why not combine them? That is my GOAL. 

If I could go back in time and snap every out-of-place hair or mismatched outfit my first child sported… I would in a heartbeat. I urge you not to miss such special moments. View this family’s full session HERE, or check out some of my past in home photography sessionsLets meet. Let’s collaborate. Let’s capture these fleeting meaningful moments and make them visual memories to hold on to for a lifetime. When you’re ready to book, contact me here.

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See you at home!