From halfway around the world to right here with you

Born, raised and educated in all aspects of photography in South Africa, I made the 9000-mile journey to the US on the most fantastic of whims!

After a stint in photojournalism and then a long life in commercial and fashion photography, I met an American photographer I wanted to work with. His laughing response when I told him?

“Get yourself a US Visa and I’ll hire you”

Well, I do love a challenge!

I arrived in New York and between commercial work, I nannied for a family and started photographing the kids – I loved their freedom and their movement and their liveliness. Other families started asking for photos of THEIR children and I realised that this could be A THING!

I met and married my wonderful husband and we travel often, mostly out of necessity to see our family in different parts of the world. We are also a military family, which has its special challenges of movement and deployment. We I have two fireball daughters and I document their lives incessantly, either with my iPhone or my DSLR. They are my tribe, my team and my cheerleaders. And my camera connects me to everything that is important to me.

But what does this all mean to you?

I’ve learned to focus on what creativity means to me and which parts of it move me. I know what is meaningful in my life and how to keep it at the core of my work.

And that meaning? I want you to feel it and burst with love every time you see your photographs  – the same way I burst with love for my girls, my life and my work.

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from happy clients


Thank you SO MUCH!!! They look awesome and we will cherish them for years to come! You were such a pleasure to work with!

- Brooks Mathews

Oh my gosh, I love them so much!!!! Thank you!! They are perfect!! And you were so fun to work with! I'm glad the husband found you!

- Denise Min

From the initial chat to the final details after the shoot, Adele was incredible all the way through. She helped us with outfit selections, surveyed the location ahead of time to find the ideal time to shoot based on the lighting and the best spots to shoot which kept things moving the day of. She was able to capture the kids’ attention and keep them entertained all the way through. It was just her and the camera which made it more relaxed and organic environment. She was at least one step ahead of me on every detail, which is what I hope to find with any professional. This shoot is one that we will certainly cherish for years to come, mostly because Adele was able to capture our personalities to a tee and we see it in every picture.

- Jones Family