Columbia SC Family Photography Information

How much can we expect to invest?

My session fee is 250 dollars, this includes time and talent only. I offer a wide variety of products that can be purchased either within a collection, or ‘a la carte’. Collections start at 500 dollars, and please inquire for a complete price list. All pricing subject to local tax. Additional cost for travel will be quoted.

Why should we book with you?

parents sitting in door of wooden barn on ranch

I am passionate about creating images that will have meaning to your family. I document families as I want mine to be photographed. My style is a mix of modern portraiture and lifestyle photography. I direct during my sessions, I don’t pose. I want you to feel comfortable and be yourself and most of all, I want you to trust my vision and ability to photograph each session to represent the true you.

Where should we do our session?

Sessions can be done anywhere! I love outdoor locations in the later afternoon, Indoor locations in the morning. We can do a session in your home, your backyard.. At the local coffee or Ice cream shop. I want you to think of things you like to do as a family. Lets try and incorporate them in a way.

Newborns, I usually suggest photographing them at your home, rooms with lots of natural light is key.

Maternity, Babies and Family Sessions can be done almost anywhere. Open field, Park… on the riverbank.. in the city, in a parking garage, or we can just stay home. Photographing your session in an environment where you are comfortable and relax will contribute to a successful session. But lets talk about all the options available. This is not a decision you would have to make on your own.

boy sitting on an antique chair in middle of wheat field

What time is the best to do our session?

This all depends on what type of session you are booking.

Maternity, Kids and Family Session, I usually wait for the last beautiful light of the day. I like to meet up for these sessions about 2 hours before sunset. Sessions can also be scheduled for early mornings.

Newborns at Home: These I like to schedule between 8-9am in the morning. They could be schedule later in the day as well. It really depends on your little one, these sessions can last up to 4 hours. When deciding on a time, keep in mind when the light is the best in your home.

What should we wear?

I have a Pinterest Board that I constantly add clothing ideas to. Some of my favorite stores are Zara, H&M, J.Crew, Gap… Keep it simple, stay away from logo’s or too bright colors. Make sure your color palettes work together. And of course we could always chat about this more in detail. And by no means do you have to go out of purchase new outfits for the session.


What is the difference between a Mini – Session and a Full Session?

Mini Sessions last for 30-45 minutes. You’ll proof 30 Images online, and be able to download 15 Images via Digital Download.

Full Sessions last up to 2-3 hours. You’ll proof about 60-80 Images online, and be able to select your Digital Downloads.

Should I get my hair and makeup done Professionally?

Why not? It’s definitely not a requirement. But treat yourself ;)

How long does it take to see our Images online?

1-2 week after session you’ll proof your images online and select your favorites. From there, 2-4 weeks to delivery.

Can we share our Images online?

Yes please, I absolutely encourage this. I only have ONE request. If you do share these Images, please credit my business. I know sometime you get so excited to share the beautiful images and completely forget to credit the my business. I take pride in all the work I deliver, I would love for your friends and family to know who captured these memories for you.

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